TECHONOMY Forum | Mr. Jose Modesto M. Rubio
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Mr. Jose Modesto M. Rubio, President and CEO, Mynt


John is the President and CEO of Mynt, a fully owned Subsidiary of Globe Telecom that provides innovative and first-in-world fintech solutions to consumers, merchants, and organizations. Its vision is to enable financial services for the region’s ‘next billion’ consumers by disrupting traditional channels through mobile / digital services.


Previous to Mynt, he was the President and CEO of BPI Globe Banko, the Philippines’ first and largest mobile only bank. He also spent 15 years as a Management Consultant and Strategy practhetelecommunications and technology space for Globe Telecoms in the Philippines, and globally for McKinsey & Company, IBM, and KPMG.  He graduated from The Pennsylvania titioner in StateUniversity with a dual degree MBA and MMM.  His published articles deal primarily with micro-market management and driving mobile money adoption.