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Dan Meyer/strong>, Founder and President, Decision Marketing, Analytics, and Intelligence Philippines (DMAIPH),


Dan is the founder and president of Decision Marketing, Analytics, and Intelligence Philippines (DMAIPH), which focuses on professional analytics training, management consulting, and outsourcing, in 2013. He is also currently connected with the Analytics Council of the Philippines and Global Chamber Manila.


To date, Dan has personally trained over 2,000 professionals and students locally on analytics. His expertise lies in the Fundamentals of Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Data-Driven Decision Making, and HR & Recruitment Analytics.


Prior to his move to the Philippines, where he established BPI Analytics Elite Inc., Dan had a 15-year career as a senior analyst at Wells Fargo Bank.


He has also worked pro-bono with Operation Smile, an NGO which provides reconstructive surgery for cleft lip sufferers.