TECHONOMY Forum | Atty. Rodolfo Salalima
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Atty. Rodolfo Salalima, Secretary, Department of Information Communication and Technology (DICT)


Atty. Salalima, has always displayed excellence in the field of law in the 40 years of his career, particularly in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), telecommunications and broadcasts, CATV and Value-Added Services (VAS) until June 2016, when he was appointed as the first Secretary of the newly created Department of Information and Communications Technology.


He has served as Chief  Legal Counsel of Innove Communications. Inc. and Globe Telecom Inc. Prior to his stint with Globe, Atty. Salalima served as the Vice President of International Communications Corporation’s Legal and Human Resources Department. From 1992 to 1996, he served as the first President and Founding Director of the Telecommunications and Broadcast Attorneys of the Philippines Inc. and was the immediate past President of the Philippine Electronics and Telecommunications Federation. Attorney. Salalima serves as Associate Director of Ayala. He serves as a Director of Innove Communications, Inc. At San Beda College, he was also the recipient of the Rector’s Award, the highest award of the San Beda College of Law for overall excellence in curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Atty. Salalima’s personal aspiration is for development to be in the countryside, and not just centered in highly urbanized areas of the country, and to build a responsive Department that leads, innovates and empowers the citizenry and the government.  These he will work on for the next six years of the Duterte Administration.